We develop integrated solutions

R&D, strategic design and a native approach to technology help us develop forward thinking solutions that transform and define experiences sooner than later.

Our applications are platform independent, built to leverage existing company infrastructure. APIs, micro-services and an adaptable architecture help us speed development and maximise return on investment.

Our products


Luxos is a mobile first, retail & clienteling platform for omnichannel client management, integrated mobile sales and augmented business intelligence.

Luxos empowers Sales Associates to carry out seamless selling ceremonies, in-store and on-the-go, anywhere, anytime, while managing integrated client relationships.

Luxos is an agnostic application that allows brands to leverage existing infrastructure, go to market quickly, optimizing investment and ROI.


Made to Order (MTO) is a luxury retail application that allows Sales Associates to conduct product customisation ceremonies with clients.

The MTO application manages the entire product journey, from customization to customer registration, order creation, centralization and distribution of information to stakeholders.

MTO is based on a distributed application architecture that exploits full separation between back-end data, process management systems and front-end presentation.

accompli helps companies take control of Ethics & Compliance Management processes, allowing organizations of all types to meet complex compliance requirements (GDPR, code of conduct, conflict of interest, supplier management, etc.) via modern APIs & webservices.

accompli allows Compliance Managers to create, manage and distribute flexible, multi-format compliance activities to selected employees and suppliers, tracking progress and completion.

  • collaborative document creation
  • multi-format disclosures
  • programmable approval workflows

Conflict of Interest and Gifts & Hospitality

Create intelligent disclosure questionnaires that allow employees to declare and maintain their disclosures with ease and precision. Create dynamic approval workflow plans to manage internal due diligence.

Accompli can be integrated with your company’s HR applications (LDAP, CRM, etc.) via live APIs, webservices, or by importing data where live data isn’t an option.

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